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The Factor Forums is brought to you by SSU.

With the owners having a connected interest with the blood disorder community, hemophila specifically, they have a very solid knowledge base in this field.

If you are interested in joining the Factor Forums site, feel free to register here (link removed temporarily). Once registered, you will have access to all of the info posted to the forum. There are links for local chapter info, NHF info, HomeCare company & resource links, general info, inspirational stories about fellow community members, and of course, there is also a section designated for Q&A.

We all know that your doctor has some of the best experience as far as treating certain issues, however, others have found that some of the best brains to pick for advice might be your fellow community members themselves that might have gone through specific issues already. Please use the Q&A section to post questions about specific issues and see if others might be able to share their experiences with you.

The Factor Forums also remembers some of our fallen brothers. The blood disorder community has a very tight bond. We often consider fellow community members as family members, specifically fellow brothers. When one of our brothers passes from either complications due to hemophilia, or due to complications that stem from blood born diseases contracted through medication they needed to take in order to control their bleeding episodes, our hearts are crushed as if an actual member of our family has passed.

The Factor Forums honors our fallen brothers with this memorial page. At this time, we are just constructing a list of brothers, however we are planning on expanding our memorial section to include bios, pictures and stories that we would like to share about the great people memorialized.